Possiblt to make FormItSaveForm anonymous?

Just wondering - does anyone know if it’s possible to make FormItSaveForm not store the IP address that the form submission came from? I’m looking to make some anonymous surveys using FormIt but it seems that any submissions saved through FormItSaveForm include the IP address by default.

With the standard FormItSaveForm hook, there is nothing you can do except commenting out this line to avoid that the ip-address is stored.

But you have other possibilities:

  • Use the extra FormSave instead. This extra also stores the ip, but because the relevant code is in a snippet, it is easier to change it. Just duplicate the snippet “FormSave”, comment out this line and then use this new snippet as a hook in FormIt.
  • or you can use another extra like FormIt2db to store your data in a custom database table.
  • or you can write your own custom hook to save the data in the database table modx_formit_forms.
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Thank you, I’ll give the FormSave extra a try.

Edit: FormSave with the indicated line commented out works perfectly for what I need. Thanks again.

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