Please specify the correct path in the field above and click Submit

Hello all

I am doing something simple: Installation od MODx

I download the last version into I created an new DB, I uploaded it to the remote server.

please specify the correct path in the field above and click Submit. The path has to contain a trailing slash
What’s a trailing slash? is /?

The website URL contain -, like

The MODx core path shown is


What is really wrong? the ‘new’ folder is present above!?


Hi @pierrot1010,

I’m not sure where that error is coming from? Can you post a screenshot? Is there an URL associated with the and did you run the install from Did you by chance do the Advanced install? You can do the standard install like the following video shows.

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This happen immediately when I entered the URL

## Your MODX_CORE_PATH is invalid
In order to install MODX Revolution, you must first locate your core directory that contains the files required to run MODX, including this setup application. The current value specified is not valid and setup cannot continue until this is resolved.

I did the same step than in the video, you linked

Has the folder got correct permissions and ownership? What PHP version are you running?

Hello, it seams to have a old PHP version= 5.2. I can upgrade to 5.5 but MODx 2.2.6 is still runing on the host.

the setup folder has the permission rwxr-sr-x the owner are the same has parent and childs

Note that contain the 2.2.6 version. When 2.7 wil be installed and when I wil copy the content, I will delete the root and move the 2.7 version to root

If you’re just trying to upgrade the modx core you may be able to just step by step upgrade it (important) to the latest version. there is a possibility some things may break though so do a back up first. If you’re using your web server as a means of developing the new site then I’d suggest just developing locally on xampp ( like the video link ) and uploading the site and changing the php version when you’re ready. It’ll be the least destructive method.

Hello, you mean upgrading versio 2.2.6, to 2.3 to 2.4, to 2.5, to 2.6 to 2,7?

It0s a bit a lot and the operation failed, I lost my web site. Then I have 6 chance to have a failure. I am not sure how to upgrade, then I though reinstalling and copying the content should be easier. But apparently not :grinning:

How do you suggeste me to upgrade version by vserion?

2.2.6 should work fine with php 5.6 or 7 according to the changelog:

First do a backup of your site and environment so you can always revert. Second I would suggest changing the PHP envrionment to 5.6 and then you can do a step by step install with upgradeMODX if I recall @bobray

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Yes apparently, I can continue witht he version 2.6, let see how it going to be installed

@pierrot1010 I just had a thought that PHP 7 wasn’t released in 2012 so I’m not sure if that page is pulling requirements for the latest version and not that specific version. @smashingred are you able to confirm? Do you have on record anywhere what php version 2.2.6 would have supported?

Not a record but my recollection was that MODX would run on PHP 7 after 2.3. We didn’t really declare support until 2.5.1. 2.6.x will definitely run on PHP 7+.