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PHP Storm and development/production database workflow

I’ve recently moved to PHPStorm and I’m really enjoying it even though I’m just scratching the surface of functionality as I get started.

As a team of 1, I specifically like the local/remote relationship within a project. Working on one and synchronising to the other is really great.

One thing it doesn’t seem to be able to do is manage database changes between a local and remote DB.

I can pull down all the files for a whole MODX install, change the config to point at a local database and then tell the project to ignore the local config file for synchronisation purposes while ‘live syncing’ everything else in the project as I touch it.

But it doesn’t seem to have any similar tools for database changes.

Am I missing that or if not, do others have tools they use for this?

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I’m actually not sure if they have a solution for that but considering that a production database would be way ahead of a dev database, the pk ids wouldn’t match and most likely break the data relations if syncing.
It’d be possible if you could setup templates to follow like how Teleport does it.
if you do find something, let me know… :wink: