PHP 8.0.2 Support for ModX 2.8.1

After a recent upgrade to ModX 2.8.1 and server upgrade to support PHP 7.4.15 and 8.0.2 - when setting ModX 2.81. to use PHP 8.0.2 it fails to load the manager.

Is PHP 8.0.2 supported on ModX 2.8.1? If not - when will the support for PHP 8.X be available?

When going back to PHP 7.4.15 - the website works properly again and the manager section is once again available.

PHP 8 will be supported as of MODX 2.8.2. Many fixes have already been applied on GitHub, and I think there’s 2 known issues that still need to be addressed.

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Thank you very much for the quick response - we will wait for the next release before using PHP 8 on our ModX sites. Thank you.