pdoTools 3.0.0 classes missing?

Hi all,
just installed pdoTools/minishop2 a couple of times, and manager was gone until reset. Then discovered that in core/components/pdotools/ models and subsequently e.g. pdofetch class is missing. I did look at sitedash-Extras-status, doesn’t refer to that error. And while there is a GitHub repo, it doesn’t seem to be the version pdotools 3.0.0 linked from modx.com, because its version is 2.12.3 back from 2019. Thanks for any help. almon23.

I believe there is a separate version of pdoTools only for MODX 3. On github this version is in a different branch. (I think “3x-new” is the correct one, but the repository is a bit messy)

This version is a complete rewrite for MODX 3 and doesn’t have a “model”-folder anymore.
The class “pdoFetch” is now the class “Fetch” in src/Fetch.php:

Thank you for your explanations. Then pdoTools seems to be installed ok. So I move on to my minishop2 issues.