pdoResources Where clause


I’m trying to use pdoresources to find every siblig which has an alias of ‘gallery’.
So basically, if there is an image gallery in this section, show a button for it. This is my call:

        [[!pdoResources? &parents=`[[*parent]]`  &limit=`1` &where=`[{"alias" : "gallery"}]` &tpl=`@INLINE <a class="btn" href="[[~[[*parent]]]]gallery">Image Gallery</a>` ]]

but it’s not showing anything. I can’t work out why?
I assume it s syntax error?


You’d be correct in your assumption. Try:

[[!pdoResources? &parents=`[[*parent]]` &limit=`1` &where=`[{"alias:=" : "gallery"}]` &tpl=`@INLINE <a class="btn" href="[[~[[*parent]]]]gallery">Image Gallery</a>` ]]

Thanks for this. I changed it now, but it’s just putting a button on every page, regardless of whether or not there is a sibling with the alias of gallery. Strangely, it’s fine on pages futher down the tree (second level), but is ignored on all top level pages?
it’s actually adding a URL of this to the top level page buttons:


So I think that it’s something to do with the top level pages not actually having a parent?

Should I add something to the &where clause to ignore if the parent is 0?

Actually - I just tried changing the parent call to this:

Seems to work - but still don’t understand why it didn’t work int he first place as there are no top level pages with that alias?

For top level pages the value of [[*parent]] is 0.
So the property &parents=`[[*parent]]` in the pdoResources call evaluates to &parents=`0` .
But &parents=`0` has a special meaning, namely don’t filter the resources by parents at all.

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That’s actually a great tip that even after all these years, I never knew. Mentally bookmarked!!