pdoResources showing code instead of resources


-I’m new to this-
I am trying to get a blog going on my website new.beenobby.com using pdoTools.
My page shows some code instead of my resources.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

my pdo code:

{{+id}} - {{+pagetitle}}


Thanks in advance and keep safe,

Your TPL is not working. Try a chunk instead of INLINE.

It’s almost always about wrong/empty &tpl parameter. Try these variants:

  1. more compact row(be aware your Fenom parser is enabled)
    &tpl="@INLINE {{$id}} - {{$pagetitle}}"
  2. use chuck instead

Thank you for your response!

I changed it to this:

My chunk looks like this:



but same result

Seems, you don’t use backtics, but single quotes


Indeed, that was the problem.

Thank you, Bruno!