PDOresources [[+content]] placeholder creates <div> element with ID

I have PDO resources call and tpl for it, where they should output content every published resources too. Everything is fine but placeholder [[+content]] is wrapped in div elelment with ID.

In TPL there is only placeholder for content it is not wrapped with anything.

Worst thing is that ID is same in all different resources content div element. I have no idea where it gets that ID value.

Site is develope server (Laragon, windows 10, Pico Css template) with Modx 3.0.3 and PDOTools 3.0.2-pl.

Here is the TPL:

<summary role="button">[[+pagetitle]]</summary>
<img .... />

Here is output:

<summary role="button">Alasivu 1</summary> 
<h2>Alasivu 1</h2> <img... />
<p><strong>Sivuston alasivun malli.</strong></p>
<div id="lipsum"> <p>Lorem ipsum ... sagittis erat.</p> </div>

And there is one renedered page output without any extra wrappers. No matter what it is its position in output. I`m very confused.

Are you sure you are looking at the correct chunk? pdoResources doesn’t just add html-elements.

Also, there are other places where the HTML-code could potentially be changed. For example in a plugin (on the event “OnWebPagePrerender”) or with Javascript code in the browser.

Yes they are correct. And found the issue! Looked “Test page 1” content HTML code in manager editor and there it was! No idea when it get there! Problem solved!

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