Pdopage ajax pagination load by button multiple

I have multiple pdopage calls on one page. Unfortunately the function “ajax load by button” does not work. If I have loaded everything in one call, then the rest of the “load more buttons” are also disabled.

Here is my snippet-call:

<div id="[[+kategorie]]pdopage">
    <div class="[[+kategorie]]_rows">
	&ajaxElemRows=`#[[+kategorie]]pdopage .[[+kategorie]]_rows`
	&ajaxTplMore=`@INLINE <button class="btn btn-default btn-more [[+kategorie]]-more">mehr</button>`
	&ajaxElemMore=`#[[+kategorie]]pdopage .[[+kategorie]]-more`
	&ajaxElemPagination=`#[[+kategorie]]pdopage .pagination`
	&ajaxElemLink=`#[[+kategorie]]pdopage .pagination a`

What’s the problem?

In the HTML markup of your page, do all the more-buttons have the same class?
There should be a <script> tag in the markup with a call to pdoPage.initialize({...}). What are the values of “more” and “moreTpl”?

Maybe you have to expand the JS code to make it work with multiple pdopage calls.

I think the problem is, that you have to use different values for the property pageVarKey.

Try adding it to the pdoPage call and check if it works now.


Great! Tank you! That’s the solution!

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