PDO field output filter for using a TV with date format

I have a resource where I have some TV’s in a date format.
I’m using PDOFields on a registration form to retrieve the dates.
That’s working fine but I want the date shown in another date-format.
On the resource the date is shown as: 15-03-204.
in the form it is shown as: 2024-03-15
I have this call: [[pdoField? &id=6 &field=datum-1 ]]

I’ve tried things like &field=[[datum-1:date=%d %B %Y]]` but then no date is displayed.

Does anybody know the solution?

You could try something like this - which uses the date output modifier on the result of your pdoField call:

[[!pdoField:date=`%d %B %Y`? &id=`6` &field=`datum-1`]]

PS - just realised you were close to this on your second example. The placement of the output modifier can seem a little counterintuitive!

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Thank you! Problem solved

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