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Passwordless Login 2.X MODX

I see in the MODX3 documentation that there will be an option to allow for passwordless logins. That is great, but is there a way to allow for this in MODX 2.X using the Login snippet?

Hi Clutchmarketing

We are all looking forward to this new feature in MODX3 but at the moment, there isn’t a native way to do passwordless authentication that I am aware of. I know of an external service that is OAuth 2.0 and Open ID Connect compatible and does passwordless sign in using magic links AND device authentication.

What’s the use case? Are you trying to go for user convenience or more of a security angle?

I am part of the way through setting up with the login snippet but I’m not quite finished yet. Maybe if we collaborate we can get to work with the snippet and we’ll both be off the races. Feel free to notify me, can set up a call if helpful.