Parent page showing undesired links to child pages

On my site suddenly the parent page is showing links to the childpages. How can I correct this. In a small device I am not able to open the parent page. I am using 2.8.6

Example in this link:

Every MODX site is unique. Therefore for front-end issues, it’s generally difficult to provide specific help.

Usually to output the menu, either the snippet “Wayfinder” of “pdoMenu” is used.
You may have to adjust the snippet properties. Also, the resources have a setting “Hide From Menus” that can be set to exclude them from the menu.

When I open the developer tools in my browser and request your website, I can see an error in the console (“Uncaught TypeError: e is undefined”) that is thrown in the file assets/components/mxcalendars/js/web/mxc-calendar.js. This file is from the “mxCalendar” extra. Maybe also take a look at that.

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I do not want to hide the pages from the menu. I want to get rid of the links above our logo they have not been there. If I hide the subpage from the menu the link above the logo also disappears. I am aware of the error and do not what to do with that yet, but this was already there before the links above the logo appeared.

You have to find the place where these links get output. I might be in the template of this resource or the resource content. Judging from the output, it’s likely a tag that calls either “Wayfinder” of “pdoMenu”.

I’ll have a look there (using pdoMenu) the strange thing is that I also have a memberpage with subpages here are no extra links