Pagination with taglister

I’m setting up a library of articles. I’m using an autotag template variable to assign tags to each article, taglister for the tag cloud and getResourcesTag to list all the articles on the summary page. Clicking on the a tag filters the articles.

I can set up pagination using GetPage but then the tag filtering doesn’t work.

What I can’t figure out is how to add pagination to this long list of articles and be able to filter using the tag cloud. I’ve searched the forums and cannot find any examples of this.

Any help is appreciated.

getPage should be the default snippet that gets used by getResourcesTag:

OK, good to know.

How do I specify the number of articles for each page? I don’t see any mention of it in the documentation.

You can use all the properties you would use in a normal getPage call in a getResourcesTag call as well.

The snippet getResourcesTag just defines the property tvFilters for you, and then calls getPage with the rest of the properties you supplied.

Beautiful! I’m good to go.

Thank you!