Pagelocker Group password

Hi There,

I need to password protect a page and its children.
I’ve installed pagelocker which is great.

I have set the pagelocker group on the parent and sub pages to allow users to navigate between without having to enter the password each time - but unless I add the same password to each sub page individually, the page is still public.
I would expect that it would require the same password as set in the parent.
It’s a bit time-consuming to manually add the same password to each child page.

Has anyone used this?
Is the behaviour I’m experiencing expected?

It seems that PageLocker is a super simple Extra with just a few lines of code in the Plugin PageLocker.
You could probably customize the code in the plugin to get the desired result.

That plugin uses a TV to hold the password, right?

If so, setting the default value of the TV to @INHERIT might just be all you need to do for it to fallback to whatever is set on the parent.

Ooh now there’s an idea!
Just tried it and it works!!!

So simple - and so effective!

Thanks so much!

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