Package Management not downloading on cPanel

I am trying to download and install extras from package management, and it just shows the Downloading… window.

I’ve tried multiple extras. Do you have any suggestions?

Here’s a loom of it: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Charlie, long time no see. This shouldn’t be an issue for cPanel. Are you seeing any console errors? Extras is up and running. I have seen it where failing plugins can break the Extras downloads. If nothing is installed maybe there is a curl issue on the server. What version of MODX and it’s listing extras? The only other thing I could see is that Amazon S3 i having issues

I tested the Extras site out and downloads are acting very slow to start. I’m not sure if that could also end up timing out for your server. I’ve contacted the team but I’m not sure when someone will be able to look into it. While less convenient, you can get them from the site and upload them.

Hey Jay! Great to see you, What you all have done with 3.0 is amazing.

Here’s a loom of what I’m doing: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Here’s the JS console error I’m getting:

modx.js?mv=f4c50b62:161 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading '1')
    at MODx.onAjaxException (modx.js?mv=f4c50b62:161:31)
    at (ext-all.js:21:3547)
    at (ext-all.js:21:668)
    at (ext-all.js:21:47933)
    at f (ext-base.js:21:18140)
    at m (ext-base.js:21:18302)
    at ext-base.js:21:8604

Do you know any other way I can debug this?
MODX: MODX Revolution 3.0.1-pl (traditional)
PHP: 7.4.32, CURL is installed.

Open the network tab before hitting download, and look at the response there. There’s probably an error there, or a blank response which means the error is elsewhere.

There have been mentions of some people having issues downloading on 3.0.1 but I don’t think there’s any detailed bug report with actionable intel yet. So if you’re able to track down an actual reproducable error that would help get it sorted for 3.0.2 :slight_smile:

I messaged you a loom of the issue.

It was a modSecurity issue on the server. Thanks @markh for helping me figure that out.

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