Overruling rel=follow value applied via Sterc SEO Tab


We apply follow or nofollow at resource level via the Sterc SEO Tab. This rules what is displayed in the head of the page in the content attribute of the robots meta tag. We add a footer as a chunk on each page and we want the links in the footer to be nofollow always but the robots meta tag in the head rules what value these links are attributed in the resulting html.
For SEO reasons we want to stop crawlers from following the links in the footer as they appear identical on hundreds of pages.
Has anybody come across this issue before and if so how have you resolved it?
Thanks in advance!

Perhaps I’m not understanding you clearly, but I tend to handle all of these sorts of issues with a custom robots.txt file, is that not an option in your case?

I’m pretty sure search engines expect content within the <footer> tag to be similar if not the same on multiple pages.

Hello and thanks for your suggestion. We implemented but our SEO agency told us it is better not to block crawlers from accessing the links in the footer via the robots.txt file as there are some links to key pages in there. My argument was the crawlers will access those key pages elsewhere but they said it is risky.

I would have thought so. We have left as is anyway and we’ll see how we go. Thanks for your reply.

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