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Overarching MODX Principles

First discussed in the May 2, 2019 MAB meeting, the purpose of having overarching MODX principles is to have a litmus test for considering if new (and existing) functionality matches what MODX is all about.

If something does not contribute positively to these goals, or even negatively affects it, it’s probably not a good fit.

These principles could also guide marketing efforts.

  • Creative Freedom
    • Any input => any output
    • Integration & Extendable
    • No restrictions on the type of output you generate (HTML, JSON, APIs)
  • Secure by design
    • Keep working on making sure MODX is safe
    • Hard to shoot yourself in the foot
  • Performance
    • Super-fast page loads
    • Handles big traffic
    • Caching isn’t an afterthought
  • User-friendly
    • Modern, accessible, UI
    • Power features for power users
  • Stable
    • LTS/long interval between breaking changes

I don’t think these principles are set in stone, they may change over time, and there is definitely room for interpretation. It does seem like (at time of discussion and writing this topic) that there is consensus that these do indeed cover what MODX is, or should be, about.