Offering Free Modx Hosting for 6 months (rules applied)

Please remove this thread if this is against terms & conditions.

I am Web developer and also sell web hosting…
As I am not very well in contributing back to Modx and community by helping in codes, I still can offer free hosting for Modx sites to community members.

I dont know if this is right place to share this information or not. But I am trying to grow more members in Modx community with this.

Rules -

You must be the member of this community and Modx forum.
Only 1 gb cpanel ssd hosting.
You can not install any other scripts like wordpress, joomla etc.
No uncensored, porn, illegal or mature content.
No warez or nulled scripts.
No gambling sites.
Privacy policy is must.

I am not advertising my hosting here. But just trying to gain more members, friends and helping grow more Modx users.
More they use Modx, more powerful we become.

Please remove this thread if this is against terms & conditions.

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Hi. Is it till relevant?

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yes :slight_smile:
Please reply if you are interested.

I have a client who would be a perfect fit on this service. years later it appears, is your offer still on the table?

Yes its still up and always will be…
Just changed control panel from cpanel to virtualmin. Tell me if its of for you and your client…