Odd 500 error in console (and Collections doesn't work right)


I’m getting issues in Collections.

  1. When I go to Extras > Collection Views, nothing is listed. The default entry Blog is not there. At this time I get this error in the browser console:

  1. In this same page Collection Views, when I click on the Manage menu I cannot go past Flush Your Permissions

  1. When I try to add a new View, the Default for Templates drop down does not work (continually shows Loading)



Clean 2.8.4 installation. Php 7.4. Extras installed: Ace, Batcher 2, CacheClear, Collections, fastField, FirstChildRedirect, FormIt, getResources, pdoTools, pThumb, Resizer, TinyMCE RTE 2.0.8, VersionX, Wayfinder

Any ideas?

Check your servers’ php error log, and the response to the connector.php ajax request, for the error causing the 500 internal server error.

That table header covering the menu would be best reported on its repository; sounds like a z-index issue of sorts.

Thanks. There’s nothing important in the php log. It’s mostly 404s. Checking with the host to see if that logging is turned off.

This got sorted. Apparent some directories were 775 instead of 755. Not sure why.