Not receivig emails from MODX to any email address with the same domain as the MODX site

Emails are sent to admins when a user signs up/registers. The emails only seem to go through when the recipient email address does not have the same domain as the website.


Website URL =
Email Address =

The email does not get delivered, but gets delivered @gmail, @hotmail, etc.

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If it’s delivering to gmail means it’s working. If the problems are only for local emails probably there is a problem in the local configuration may be?
have you check cpanel to confirm everything is all right?
have you tried to send a normal email between accounts in your domain to see if they are arriving well?

just ideas to discard possible problems.

normal emails between accounts work fine. I’m not sure what what the cpanel is or what to look for on the cpanel in order to determine if something is wrong or not

This sounds a lot like a local delivery issue. Is email hosted on the same server as the website/modx sending the mail?

Mail servers attempt local delivery before they check with DNS - so if mail is NOT hosted on the same server. Ensure that the mail service on the website/modx hosting account is DISABLED or only enabled for outbound delivery. (or else the local mail sever will try to deliver locally and fail.)

If you are using office360/outlook as a mail provider, if the sender (from/reply to) address is in the same domain as the recipient ( the sending address actually has to exist - you can’t make up a

If mail and website are on the same server - that’s a whole different pickle altogether.

The mails are maybe stuck in the mailqueue on the server. If you can’t change the server settings, you should use SMTP to send the mails. This should solve the issue.

Hi - thanks for you response! Email is being hosted on Google. To ensure that the mail service on the website/modx hosting account is DISABLED or only enabled for outbound delivery, is this done through MODX or my hosting platform?


You would do that in your hosting platform.

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