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Nomination to join MAB: Bob Ray

In the spirit of the new proposed governance model I’d like to nominate Bob Ray (@bobray) as member of the board.

I don’t think Bob requires much introduction, but it’s worth mentioning he wrote what’s basically the MODX Bible, and he is one of the most consistent voices in the community for the past decade. A lot of his time goes on in these forums (helping community members with their problems) and on his blog (deep-diving into various aspects of MODX), which is a point of view that I think would be very valuable to add to this board.

Per the proposed rules, a simple majority vote is needed for a new member to join. @Governance, I’d like to start the vote right away. The vote ends in 14 days, September 19th, end of day (UTC).

  • Aye
  • Nay

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Just to state the obvious: Aye.

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Bob would be an excellent addition indeed. The async/forum-based style would work well for him I suspect, too.

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My vote was meant to be a YES, AYE, Absolutely. I don’t know what happened with my brain when I clicked.