"No processor specified!" error blocking installation

Have installed multiple instances of MODX Revo on this server (shared Linux hosting) using MySQL on PHP 7.0 (also tried 7.1, 7.2), and first time seeing this error after entering the database details during the install process for MODX Revo 2.7.1:

“Connecting to database server.
No processor specified!”

Can’t get past that.

Deleted 2.7.1. Uploaded zip for 2.7.0. Same again.

The PHP extensions currently include pdo, pdo_mysql, pdo_sqlite.

Any advice?

No rush. Have worked around this by copying the database and files from another site, altering the config files, and running setup so that the database details never get queried. Works, but a heck of a lot more work than a clean install. Why couldn’t I do a clean install?

Sorry about your frustration. Could you please report that here?