Newspublisher: show/use ID of page being edited. Placeholder?


I have a central Newspublisher page for editing a number of resources. How can I easily access the ID of the resource that is currently being edited on this page (but outside of an form field)? Is there a placeholder I can access? I want to use it to display some info about the page.

I believe you can use the placeholder


(if you use the default value for &prefix).

There should be placeholders for the other resource fields as well (e.g. [[!+np.pagetitle]], [[!+np.alias]] etc.)

Sorry for the late reply!

Although [[!+np.pagetitle]] and [[!+np.alias]] are set, [[!]] is empty :frowning:

That’s weird. When I test it, it works.

Maybe you can instead read the value of $_POST['np_doc_id'] to get the ID.

Ha, that works! Thanks!

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