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Hi friends,

Where is the my email address in manager for newsletterEmail (Subscribe) ?


Are you talking about the Subscribe extra, or something else?

Yes sir, im talking about Subscribe extra. You know, a user writes his e-mail address and registers in the system. Where does the e-mail address written after registration go? Where is it located in the manager section? When I say inspect with right click, the codes are like this;

<input class="field required" name="newsletterEmail" id="newsletterEmail" type="text" placeholder="Email" data-type="email">

First and for the nth time: You have a custom built website. Nobody here in the forum can answer this question simply based on a screenshot!

That’s incorrect. You’re not using the Subscribe extra. Check the list in “Extras” → “Installer”.

The html code you posted is just a simple input field. The more interesting code is the <form>:

<form class="footer_main-block_form" data-type="newsletter" action="#" method="POST" name="newsletterForm" id="newsletterForm">
	<input class="field required" name="newsletterEmail" id="newsletterEmail" type="text" placeholder="Email" data-type="email">

As you can see the action attribute (action="#") is not specified. So either your subscription form is handled with Javascript (and you have to find the specific code to see what exactly gets called) or this functionality isn’t implement yet on your site.

Since I can’t get used to MODx yet, I think the system is like wordpress and joomla sometimes.

In Extras/Installer, there are these packages Axe, AjaxForm, BackupMODX, Batcher, ClientConfig, Compiler, controlErrorLog, Formlt, GeoTV, getResources, Localizator, MIGX, pdoToolds, phpThumbOn, pThumb, tinymcerte. Which of these could it be?

I found the “(action=”#") " part and changed it. But in this system too, nothing comes to my e-mail address.

The code is as below;

                                class="field required"
                            <button class="btn btn--submit btn--static" type="submit" aria-label="Subscribe">
                                <span class="text">Подписаться</span>
                                <i class="icon-paperplane icon"></i>

Well, this is not how HTML works!

None of these extras specifically handles subscriptions.
Maybe FormIt could be used for this purpose (with a custom hook).

Like I said: Check your custom JS code and if you can’t find any code to handle this form, then this functionality probably is not yet implemented.

Before you do anything else, install the MODX QuickEmail extra in Package Manager, and see if it will send you an email. The QuickEmail documentation is here. There’s no point in working on this until your sure the site can send an email.

Hi bobray,

I ınstalled QuickEmail extra in Package Manager. Then, from your address, i added this code “[[!QuickEmail? &debug=1]]”. But when i open realted page, i get 404 error.
Meanwhile, i did smtp settings from system, but FormIt and subscribe not work again.

Is the page published?