News articles dissapeared from Admin, but are showing on the website

All our news articles have dissapeared from our admin section of the website. However, they are still showing on the public website.

Our content editor created several new news articles on Friday. On Saturday, none of the news articles were showing.

In the MODx admin, under the Resources tab --> Website we have Home(1), About(2), News(24), Events(4), etc.
All except News are foldes that can be expanded.
When clicking on News, you should see the news information (Articles, Template, Advanced Settings, Comments, Template Variables, and Resources Groupgs).
Below this is always the list of Articles.
There are no articles showing.

I am inspected the records in the ‘modx_site_content’ table (on the live site and our test site) - the main News record and the news article records. All records look fine.

How can I get the articles to show again so they can be viewed/edited?

On our Test website, all the news articles are showing where they should be.

Please help.


MODX version 2.7.3-pl
PHP: 7.2
MySQL: not sure what version
Hosting: A2 Hosting
Problem with Firefox and Chrome

Hi there,
How about MODX log? Browser developer console? Is there anything useful there? This is interesting to check first.

Try changing the default number of articles displayed - to something like 25

Good idea. It does nothing when I change ‘Per page’ to 25 or the ‘All’ dropdown to ‘Published’ or ‘Unpublished’. Just a spinning wheel.

I cleared the log and refreshed the News page. Nothing.
I chagned the sorting to ‘Plublished’ and also tried the ‘Per page’ to 25.
Nothing added to the log.

In the developer console, I get several errors (NOTE: I get no errors on the test site):
POST 403 ext-base.js:21
– This is unexpected. Why would this create a log entry?
POST 403 ext-base.js:21
– This is for articles, so seem more significant.
Uncaught TypeError: this.mask.addClass is not a function modx.jsgrps-min.js:1
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘removeClass’ of undefined modx.jsgrps-min.js:1

Do you have a htaccess file in the assets folder?

I should note that I just set up a firewall for the website.
I am using
It is a good reputable service that I have used before, but not with a MODx site before.

The DNS now points to the SUCURI server, they filter, and then redirect to the website.

There is a chance this could affect some things, but it should not affect calls from within the site to itself. Unless it is using an IP address instead of a domain name. Local calls should not be affected at all.

Just checked. No htaccess in that directory.

The test site is not withing the firewall.

It’s rare, but if a page has an invalid parent, it won’t show up in the tree, but will still be available in the front end. SiteCheck will detect that (and some other resource errors), but you can also do it manually.

Other resource fields to check: show_in_tree field (should be 1), and the class_key (should be Article).

I had a similar issue when a chunk or template reference was bad (removed). Go through your articles settings tabs and make sure all your references are still there (i.e. no deleted templates or chunk references. That did it for me.

Ah that just reminded me - check any custom TVs used and resave them. Also unpublish one article at a time and check each time to see if it has made a difference. Could be a character in one article that is messing things up for everything else.

I think I found the cause of the problem. Not sure why it is causing this. When I activate the Sucuri firewall, I get those 2 errors and the articles stop listing. Unfortunately the errors are not descriptive enough for me to debug it.

Does this also happen in another browser?