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First of all great job on the redesign and redev it’s refreshing to see an updated and forums. I did notice a few things on the new UI initially so just gonna dump those here. I haven’t gone over the site properly but the things that stood out:

  • ‘Scroll to top’ arrow icon in the bottom right hand side doesn’t work

  • Cookies link at the bottom doesn’t go anywhere

  • Download button on the download page is on two lines

  • Header > nav text > hard to read until you scroll down and the white background appears. Not sure it would pass any accessibility test.

  • When I’m logged in and visit the site I can see it asks me to ‘log in’ before refreshing and saying ‘hi’. Guessing using js to detect if the user is logged in ?


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve also moved this to the UX & Feedback category to keep things a bit organized. I’ve brought it up with the team :).

Thanks got these fixed save for the login blip. We’ll probably work on a different login button, but for now that is a simple solution vs slowing every page load to process logged in status.

This looks great to me. Too many improvements to list.

My only suggestion (assuming that I’m not confused about the new organization) is that “New UI Feedback” is ambiguous. It could mean the UI of the current version of MODX, the Forum UI, the UI, or some or all of the above. Also, at some point the UI won’t be “New” so people will hesitate to provide feedback here.

Imo, each of those deserve a separate discussion area (or maybe a subthread) since they are mostly unrelated to each other.

Hey Bob!

With this iteration of the forums, we’re shying away from having too many categories. It was difficult for people to find the right place. I’m planning out tags to use here to help categorize things more. It was intended to be a bit of a wildcard, and any thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated.

Also, in this case the thread is called “New UI Feedback” not the forum category. The category is named “UX & Feedback”

That makes sense – but seeing UI (singular), my first reaction was, “which UI is this thread about?”

Yeah I saw what you were talking about after my initial reply. Here’s a picture to help:

Red is category name and Blue is the thread name.

Ooops yeah I did notice it posted into ‘Random’ after I had posted, sorry if that has caused any confusion.

Great job on the quick fixes… I just came across a dead link on this page:

When you click on ‘Learn more about the MODX Communtiy →’

An extra thing to add here:
It looks like the “Signup” nav link is still visible even when logged in. :wink:

Thanks, this has been updated!

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Well you kept this quiet or did I miss the anouncement?

Also, does this mean we’re all newbies now?:nerd_face:

Oh PS The new space looks great.

Happened this week, we haven’t yet sent out a newsletter about it, we’ve been busy fixing up copy and bugs. :slight_smile:

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Code highlighting in discourse seems a little problematic. It uses back ticks to signify code, but as we know modx code also uses backticks so the result is code going in and out of highlighting.

[[!snippet? &prop1=1&prop2=2]]

You’ll need to use triple backticks to surround the code if you’re using single backticks in the code itself.

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