New links are not being added to the sidebar


Hello! The website uses a chunk with the following code to build the sidebar.
When creating a new resource (document), it is not added to the sidebar.
Can you please advise what could be the reason for this?

Step to reproduce

Observed behavior

The resource has been added in the admin panel with the output in the menu.

Expected behavior

The newly created page should be displayed in the sidebar.


MODX Revolution 2.6.5-pl

Chunk code

How is this chunk called? Where are the placeholders (like for example [[+linksList]] set?

Chunk name: defaultPageSidebarTpl

The name of the chunk is irrelevant.

Where and how does this chunk get used?
Is it called from a snippet?
Or is there a tag like [[$defaultPageSidebarTpl? &linksList=`...` ...]] somewhere in your page-template? What’s the exact chunk tag?

Template code for an informational page that uses a chunk [[$sidebarOne]]

There is also a second chunk

[[$sidebarOne]] calls the chunk with the name “sidebarOne” and not the chunk with the name “sidebarOneLink”!

This seems to be a custom solution for the sidebar.
My guess is that there is a custom snippet that creates the sidebar. Maybe check the “Snippets” tab beneath the chunks.
Also, it’s possible that the data for the sidebar is stored in a MIGX template variable.