Nested URL duplication not working

Greetings, please tell me, is this a broken version? Or am I doing something wrong?

MODX 3.0.3 does not allow saving resources with the same url in different parents. On version 2.8.4 this is easy. But in 3.0.3 it doesn’t work!

Unless I’m missing something, it sounds like a bug with the handling of the global_duplicate_uri_check System Setting. With it set to “No” duplicates like that should save without issue.

You did clear the cache after setting the System Setting, right? If you did change the System Setting, clearing the cache manually by deleting all files in the core/cache directory might be worth a try.

Hello! You understood everything correctly, yes, global_duplicate_uri_check error. I cleared the cache both in the system and with my hands, it still does not allow me to save the resource.

Any chance resource #3 has its URI set to just /en/ because it was created before enabling use_alias_paths? Try editing it and on the settings tab toggling “freeze uri” to see what it was set as. And make sure index has an alias, too.

Thank you! Yes, it works with freezing if you type the url amp/en/ correctly with your hands.
But if after that I turn off the freeze, it still does not allow me to save the resource, it swears at the URL. You have to create all the resources manually, without copying, and freeze each time, it’s very inconvenient.

It turns out that the folder with resources cannot be copied, they must be created manually :frowning: this was not the case on Modx before version 3. I also noticed that the system does not even allow you to create a resource with the same URL, and does not even warn about the problem at this moment :frowning:

Are we sure it’s not a mod_security issue? That’s the most common cause of resources that won’t save.

To check, try to save the same resources but with a unique aliases that no other resource has. If that works, can you later change the alias to be what you want?

RESOLVED. My mistake, it is important for the resource that we copy to include “Use current alias in alias path”

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