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Need some help with access policies and image TV

For me as Administrator i can select a image via a TV in the Recource… Thats works fine. See the picture.

I made a new usergroup with a user(called Admin) with the access policies “Content editor” Thats works fine too
I made a new media source with the base path assets/uploads/ Thats works fine too.

The problem is that the user Admin can not select an image (See the picture.)
It looks like that the user Admin is not be able to see the file tree

I looked at all the permissions but can not find the problem en need some help at this point.
How make the file tree availeble for this usergroup?

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-16 om 11.29.12


Do you have any media sources set up? If so you might want to recheck their permissions. Other than that check the following ACL entries for your user:




@vibedesign They are all checked

Have you ‘flushed permissions’?

@andytough i flushed permissions for me as superadmin, for the other user (content editor) it’s not possible to flush permissions.
The file tree assets/uploads is still nog visible. If i upload a file it goes to the root.


Problem solved…


What was the solution?

the solution found here:

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