Need One Page of Website in Mandarin Chinese

I’m probably going to be building a website where just one page needs to be in Mandarin Chinese. I’m thinking that I’ll need a separate template with different header and footer and I’ll need a link in the navigation that’s in Mandarin.

Any tips for achieving this smoothly?

I don’t think MODX cares in what language you write your resources.

But it’s probably a good idea to choose a utf8mb4 charset for your database (so that real UTF-8 is used) to ensure all characters can be stored successfully.

Also change the language in the “lang” attribute (<html lang="en">) for the mandarin page.

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Is this a clone of the site, a sub page or something else?

I’d seriously consider doing this as a context in case it grows beyond the single page. This also gives you the option to have a custom 404 in simplified chinese/Mandarin. Potentially, you could expand it to an entire language section. That said, moving it later isn’t that hard.

Currently they have a site in WP but they are tired of having to translate every page and news article into Mandarin when in reality I believe a dedicated Mandarin landing page would be the best way to advertise their services in full i.e. the one page would be kind of a summary of the services the company offers but tailored for cultural differences and to offer solutions pertinent to the Chinese community rather than blindly translating everything.

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Sound advice - thank you Harry