Need character count on TV

Does anyone have a way to add a character counter to a textarea TV? You can assign a character limit to a text field, but not to a textarea field (just submitted a feature request for that).

That usually done in JS – a variety of methods here.

This solution is fairly elegant. You’d think it wouldn’t work with pasted text, but somehow it does (at least in Chrome).

Remember that you’ll not only need to inject the solution’s JS, (after modifying it for the Manager CSS/HTML), but you may also have to use JS to modify things in the form to make it work.

It might be easier to implement in NewsPublisher, if you don’t mind people filling it out in the front end. You could put the JS in the NewsPublisher template and the counter in the TV’s caption.

You can use Redactor for this. Enable “character count” and “content limit” in the settings.