My MODX website exceeds expectations

My latest MODX website is better than I thought it could be. It runs so fast even on a shared server that I also use for a couple of WordPress sites that are dog slow in comparison.

Kudos to the MODX developers for creating a fast and reliable environment for all to use.

MOP-DB (My Online Plant Database) is just a website but it runs like a local application, if it wasn’t fast it wouldn’t be much fun to use.
It’s a member based DB where members can store and share information and photos of plants in their possession.
Now I’m a bit of a plant nut, mostly interested in Succulents, and I initially created it for myself but ended up sharing it with others.

It’s at, if you take a look bear in mind that much of the clever stuff is only available to those who have become members.

Thanks MODX for a great platform.


Nice! And you’re right, it’s plenty fast.