My component always creates a "core" folder

Hello everyone, I have developed a component and when installing it on Modx 2.8.x, if the core folder is renamed or moved to a higher level, a folder named “core” is still created in the root of the site. How can I fix this?

How exactly do you create the transport-package?
With a custom build script or a tool like GPM?

Maybe something in the build script can be changed to avoid this.
Or if nothing else works, you could add a resolver, that deletes the folder again.

I’m using this one GitHub - azernov/modxbuilder: Набор скриптов для сборки xPDO моделей и компонентов в MODx the build script and yes, i can probably change something there to avoid this problem, just to understand at what stage the list of folders to create is formed and how to influence the paths?

I never used this tool (“modxbuilder”) to create a package.

Does the whole folder structure core/components/yourpackage/... with all the files get created in the wrong location?

If so, then maybe the problem is the target path in the file resolver

Thanks for the hint, I’ll check this version

It sounds like you’re not actually using the MyComponent extra. If you are not using it, could you change the subject line.