My Best MODX Project Yet. Connected Image Library

I wanted to share a project I completed a few months ago that really has been one of the best applications I’ve built using MODX yet.

In a nutshell, I have an “inspiration gallery” of images that is highly searchable, tagged, organized, and displayed using a nice mosaic layout and lightbox setup that has been really successful for us.

Web version:

See it live here:

Standalone PWA App (in mobile view)

See it live here:

All the images are stored in a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) server - another open source tool called ResourceSpace - you should check it out.

The DAM back end:

All the marketing team and sales team upload images to the DAM, where images go into a review cycle. Any images that we think are gallery worthy, get titles, and descriptions polished… keywords and such added, and finally, flagged for the gallery.

User’s browsing the gallery on our site or on the PWA web app version can search for inspiration images by keyword, application type, product, and/or industry.

These searches are then sent via API to our DAM server which returns the results - which I am also caching using Nette caching to reduce the need to hit the API every time. Whenever MODX encounters an image returned via the API for the first time, it downloads the appropriately sized large image locally to a location I set on the website, logs image reference id and some details in a local MODX custom table/package and then using pthumb for thumbnails and full size images (adding a watermark) the results get displayed to the user.

The result is a fast and responsive end user experience fully managed by non-web savvy team members.

I may do a full tutorial on this system at some point, but for those of you who like to tinker and have a similar need, feel free to ask me some questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

Hope it’s ok to share things like this here. Please let me know if not.


*** Looks great! :+1: ***

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I love seeing what other people do with MODX - this is great @robcarey - thanks for sharing! :+1:

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Thanks for sharing.
Mine is still a work in progress: Meta-Travel Tips and Trips.

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Looking good so far!! Cheers!

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Really cool site! Great example of integrating other tools into MODX.

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Very nice! Thanks for sharing!!