Multilingual website, single url with countries that have multiple languages

I am trying to create a multilingual website that has one url with different countries that have multiple languages.


But the French version for example can also have French, /fr/fr and fr/en.

Is this possible with Babel?

It is possible to do the routing with xRouting (or a patched xRouting) and make it possible to work with Babel. Do you want to have the same content on be/fr and fr/fr? This will be a bit more difficult.

Hi Jako,

Thanks for your reply, I think this is exactly what I am looking for since the fr/fr and the be/fr will have different content.

I will look into xRouting then.

Use this description and change the base url according to /be/fr/ and so on. If the routing does not detect the right context, xRouting has to be patched a bit (this can be debugged with the system setting xrouting.debug=1 and ?xrouting_debug=1 as suffix in the url).

Alrigty, so if I am geting this right my context keys wil be something like befr and benl, the base urls be/fr/ and be/nl/ and the site urls domain/be/fr/ and domain/be/nl/.

I have been using Xrouting before so if this is going to work that will be great. I will give it a go!

Thanks again. The debugging option is very handy.

Works like a charm, thank again!

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