Moving Snapshots

Is it possible to move a snapshot from one MODXCloud account to another?

I have downloaded a snapshot and would like to move it to another account. I am building a site in our library’s dashboard for a professional library association I am trying to convince to move to MODXCloud sometime in the near future.

Thanks for any help.


Hi, I would direct this question to the support team at MODX Cloud.

But I think you can send a cloud to another account from the Cloud Dashboard.


It worked!

Thank you, I missed that in the user guide. I was looking at import and export snapshots as my search facets.



Hey Roy, as with any question about how to use MODX Cloud, feel free to hit up our support team from the help link inside MODX Cloud. Our support hours are 18 hours a day for non-emergencies.

Not only can you Send a Cloud, there’s also a hidden feature (not specifically related to this issue) where we can create a magic link to give to a client so they can sign up and assume control of a specific Cloud instance without physically moving it.