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Moving site to new server

Hi !

I have tried to move my site to a new server with out any luck.
I have read the two docs below. Does not help me since it is to complex. ( is this document still ok?)

  1. I have downloaded same version as modx 2.7.2 ( that i use)
    manager (excluded)
    config.core.php (excluded)
    index.php (excluded)

  2. Downloaded my site to new server

  • here i have a folder (aqua with my template information)
  1. Run setup with advance option. after 25 tries the databas has been acceptet (ofcource I have copied the database from the old server)

  2. the main problem is that I have folder in the manager structure that I can see in the manager on the left side but can not open( mainly it has to do with the template ) I also have a folder with shadowbox information

  3. according to the blog link above i should not include the manager folder. The problem is that then a lot of my information will not be included in the setup.

Please can some friendly soul help me with a very simple and clear process of how to move site from one server to another.

In one example on the modx forum it was enought only do download my site and only included the setup folder? is this one way of doing it? Ofcource I have the databas in the right place. When I try this method and run setup (advance install ) it can not find my database. I have changed all path as mentioned in the first doc above.

Looking forward to hear from you out there :slight_smile:

This is the way I do it and how it’s mainly described in the docs. As always do backups of everything before executing such a big step. I write this on the top of my head, so I might have forgot something…

Old Site/Server:

  1. Clear Cache Manage --> Clear Cache
  2. Logout all Users Manage --> Logout All Users
  3. Manually delete the Cache folder under core/cache
  4. Export Database
  5. Export all files of your site (ideally zip them, as FTP might loose stuff on the way)

New Site/Server:

  1. Upload Database
  2. Upload all files
  3. Update paths and settings in core/config/ as stated here
  4. Download a fresh Install of your MODX Version and extract the Setup folder
  5. Move the Setup folder from that to your new Server (delete any old Setup folders you might have)
  6. Rerun Setup

That should be it!

Hi vibedesign. Thank you. Maybe it is my ftp program that is the case. I will try zip the files .
Will let you know if I succeed. Best regards Rickard

You will need to edit the paths in the config.core.php in the following directories:


You will also need to update the database details in core/config/ on lines 7, 8, 10 and 12

Dear Paulp and Vibedesign!

It now works perfectly. I have succeeded in moving my site . thank you again for a simple explaination.
regards Rickard

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Thank you for sharing this :grin: