Moved site to a VPS... changes are not being saved

Moved the site to a VPS (2 vCores, 4GB, SSD). The site has not gone down.

As a plus, I also now have unrestricted control.

I do have two bugs.

The first one is that some categories and documents now have a blank name or no title.

The second one is that a user I have made edits and changed but as soon as he hits saves, they are not saved. xvideosxnxx

I made a new user and this user can indeed made changes and it gets saved.

Can I just delete the older user and recreate him and be done?

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when the page loads check your console to look for requests that aren’t getting through, you may have errors in your console.

my guess is you have a paths problem due to the manager not getting access to those titles

I think the problems are related, users table also no accessible…can you login and out with that user? just not save?

Pls check the console