MODX3: Resource Group Access Control Problem


I have made a Resource Group and a User Group.
In User Group I granted access to Resource Group.

In Resources I have two Resources assign to Resource Group.

In separate Browser I can view the Resources in Resource group.

In Modx 2.x this runs perfect.
What do I have made wrong?

Thank you in advance.


This should still work exactly the same as in MODX 2.x

Maybe clear the cache/cookies in your “separate Browser” to make sure you are really calling the page as an anonymous user.

Status: [[!`1`:then=`logged in`:else=`NOT logged in`]]<br>
Username: [[!`username`]]

If that doesn’t help, then please share more details about your ACL settings.

I’m guessing that you forgot to attach the resource group to a user group that the current user is not a member of, by creating another Resource Group Access ACL entry. That’s what “protects” the resources. Just putting them in a resource group does not protect them at all.