MODX3 - Output filters break with nested snippets/chunks

Just upgraded from Modx 2.84 to Modx 3.03-pl, now I have this problem…

This works fine:
[[!isMemberPricing:is=‘1’:then=‘Hello World’]]

but this doesn’t work and literally just prints out the whole thing to screen:

I know there are various threads on this which suggest mods to the ModInputFilter.php and ModOutputFilter.php core files, including this one which I’ve tried and doesn’t work for me:

(Revert and break nested output filters by JoshuaLuckers · Pull Request #16254 · modxcms/revolution · GitHub)

Does anyone have a resolution for this issue?

MODX 3.0.3 still has some parser problems.

Usually applying these two PRs fixes the issue:

Or alternatively install the latest nightly build.

Thank you - I just can’t get this to work. However, since it only affects one page on my website, I think I’m just going to forget the Modx filters and build the whole thing into a custom snippet. Not the best solution but should at least do the job.

Does it work if you use the link tag uncached?


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I have run in to a few cases where adding an &else property (e.g., &else="") straightened out the parsing.