Modx3-beta2: can't update extras

I’ve updated a local modx site to modx 3-beta2, and am now experiencing some errors.

Most of those are caused by the fact that I can’t update extras.

When clicking ‘update’ a modal appears with the error “Requested processor not found”

In my modx error log it says the following:

Unable to load processor for action “workspace/packages/update-remote”, it does not exist as an autoloadable class that extends \MODX\Revolution\Processors\Processor, and also not as a file in “core/src/Revolution/Processors/workspace/packages/update-remote.class.php”

And it’s correct that the file update-remote.class.php isn’t in the before-mentioned path.

Has anyone else experienced this error? Am I missing files after updating to modx 3-beta2?

I have an older version of MODX 3 and it also doesn’t have that file. It’s a class file used by MODX 2 to check for available updates in the Package Manager grid.

Did you run setup when you installed MODX 3?

Try logging in to the Manager with your browser in Private or Incognito mode, in case it’s something left over in the browser cache.

Yeah, I did run the setup.

I tried using another browser, which solved it. So I’m guessing you were right about the browser cache.

A big thank you for your help! :blush:

I’m glad you got it sorted. Which browser did you have trouble with?

Does that browser work now on the site if you clear its cache and cookies?

It was Chrome (Version 97).

And yes, it worked with a cleared cache and cookies :slight_smile:

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