MODX Weekly Recap July 22

MODX Weekly Recap July 22 was the last weekly recap I received. Have these been stopped or have I dropped off the list?

Hi @dejaya,

We have taken a hiatus on the recap. We are a small team and intended to keep up, however, we had to divert our efforts to other initiatives. We hope to restart the emails soon. Possibly in the next few weeks.

What were the sections or news you liked most?

What might you like to see more of?

What are we missing?


Hey @smashingred

Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Totally understand it’s a small team - I enjoyed and benefitted from lots of the content in the emails but above everything else it’s just good to hear regular communication from the MODX team.

I always thought weekly might be tricky to keep up as MODX doesn’t evolve that quickly [not a criticism!] - I guess the release of MODX 3 and the MODXpo was a good time to try that. But even a monthly roundup would help continue that line of communication between the wider team and MODX devs.

It’s sad, but I always got a wee kick when those emails dropped in my mailbox :person_shrugging:

Any users on the MODX Slack channel will be aware that there’s loads happening on an ongoing basis. But for others, perhaps not so engaged with the communities, it can sometimes seem that MODX is at a standstill.

Your emails were a welcome, comforting heartbeat!