MODX Website Marketing Messages

Hi all,

Every time I go to the website I get “the fear”.

It looks great but I worry a lot about the order of the messages given to new visitors.

I try to remember myself back before I knew anything about MODX [seems like a lifetime ago!] … a novice developer looking to try out some CMS offerings that weren’t WordPress.

And I imagine myself landing on the site and how I would have reacted to the up-front messages:

… and what happens when we “Get Started” … ?

Red flags all over the place.

I’m afraid I’d have been out of there in under 10 seconds :wave:

And I wouldn’t have even got round to reading any of the interesting tech stuff below, never mind downloading MODX.

I understand the importance of MODX Cloud to the ongoing development of MODX but it seems to me that the messaging is a bit backwards.

Lead your new website users to “download” the “free” CMS so they can discover why it’s so good and let them fall in love with it like we all have.

Then market MODX Cloud to them when they’ll be far more likely to be receptive to it.

I hope I’m not speaking out of turn [I’m not a marketing bod!] - but it breaks my heart when I see the messages as they stand cos I know I’d have turned away.

I’d hate to think that potential users might be doing the same.

Hope everyone’s well!



I hear you Chris, it’s not exactly the place you feel comfortable pointing your clients to.

This question came up a few times already in the past, because many community members feel the same as you. The idea at the time was to build a separate community website (, but that never left the runway.

So now it seems everyone is quitly accepting the situation as it is…

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There’s just been a new front page launched this morning which feels a lot more “MODX is a software, not a paid platform” to me. It’s still very much company pitch as opposed to “there’s option A and option B” but it’s pulled back from the quick-sell brink a notch.

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