Modx To Fred Guidance

Good day to all. I’m hoping to get a little guidance regarding the Topic. We have a Modx site that is working extremely well and are quite happy with it, but want to move it to Fred.

We’ve played with Fred on a new test site and get the idea of how to use it and have moved along quite well.

What we are not getting our heads around is converting (moving/migrating) to Fred. We’ve followed guides and videos but it is just not getting it.

So the question becomes, how do we do this? Along with lots of other posts and vids, we’ve followed this one: Theme Creation Tutorial - Fred

Can’t seem to figure out how to get a Modx resource into Fred without creating new resources (page???). We have lots of TVs and some MigX, most of all the posts we’ve read suggest that TV’s are not necessary (can still be used) in Fred, but we are at a loss.

Is there a definitive or “on point” document that we are not seeing?

Any suggestions are appreciated, TX.

I don’t think it’s necessary to create new resources. Just change the template of a resource you want to convert to Fred, to a template that supports Fred.

Make sure to specify a “Default Element” as described here:

Also, it might be easier for an already existing site, to just partially use Fred (for example for new content or a specific section) and not converting the whole site.

Some of your existing TVs might not be needed on a Fred page anymore, as you can replace them with Fred Elements. But I don’t think there is a way to automatically convert TVs to Fred Elements. You either have to do it manually for every page or write a custom script.

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As @halftrainedharry stated, using the “Default Element” is key. I usually set it to a basic RTE enabled element and then when you change the template to a fred template it will move the current “content” into that element (after saving).

Thanks everyone, these tips make sense. Will look at suggested link again, maybe missed the obvious.