Modx strange url alias when sharing to social media sites (hindi slug)

I am developing a site for my client. Its in my national language Hindi.
When I share it to social media sites, specially, on WhatsApp, it generates %34%35567%32% like characters instead of normal url.

Here is the example and what it should be.

Current :

What I want :दिल्ली-महाराष्ट्र-समेत-कई

How to get this working ? In wordpress, there is same situation and there is plugin for that, but in Modx, I am building first time a site on my mother tongue. I know its unicode stuff but I dont know the solution.
Help please!

I think that’s technically correct, isn’t it? Possibly running urldecode on it would avoid it…

Yes its technically correct but we dont want those characters when share on whatsapp.
urldecode ??? how to ?

There is an output filter for this.

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