Modx Revolution 2.6.5 - how to determine space used in filesystem

Hello! I’m using Revolution 2.6.5. I’d like to cleanup my filesystem - I believe I’m getting close to the limit on space used. How do I go about seeing how much space I am currently using?


Hey @JSanderson

I’m not aware of anything in MODX that would allow you to measure disk usage.

The info you’re looking for would normally come via your host.

I use a CPANEL host and that gives fairly detailed info on disk space usage per folder.

Depending on your host - they may offer a similar report.

Failing that - you could ftp the site directory to your local machine and assess it there - you may want to compress it first if possible.

Hope that helps. will show it (if PHP has access to it, that’s not true on all servers) but something like cPanel does tend to offer better drilldowns of where you’re using space.

core/packages/ is a common culprit; theres a “clear old packages” button in the package manager that will help clean that up a bit.