MODX React CMP and Restful API setup

This video explores the use of #React in MODX Custom Manager Pages, breaking the constraints of ExtJS. We also explore setting up modx as a #headless #cms returning json data for resources and custom packages.

Creating Custom Manager Pages in MODX:

Developing Restful API’s in MODX:

Install webpack, babel + loaders command:



@lkfranklin Great stuff! I plan on using React in my next Extra.
How would you deal with having the css and js files under assets/components/myextra/?
Unless I missed something I think the current setup wouldn’t work with a moved core.

Also, would you recommend a particular React grid system that might be a good replacement for the ExtJS grid?

Thanks @digitalpenguin react-table is really powerful and you can do a lot of things with it and really well documented.

Here’s an example (loads more on the above link):

So long as you scope to the paths correctly it should be fine? ie: getOption('assets_path') instead of getOption('core_path')

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Cheers I’ll check it out!
I had a feeling there would be issues with things outside the main app directory but if not that’s great!

Thanks let me know how you get on, but I think it should be fine :slight_smile:

I wanted to keep it simple for this video so some things may not be setup as well as they should be so just use it as a guide. In the next video I’ll create a working example of both front end/back end including with the above table package.

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Few Questions -

1. What if I want to fetch only 5 child resources from a tree or only 5 parent resources ? Suppose from Collections Extra… I have two Collections containers as blog categories, I want to get only 5 or 10 articles from that category … how to get it in api ?

2. How to get tv value like image in json ? Suppose I want to fetch an image tv which is set as featured image or post thumbnail. How can i get it for every resource ?

3. How to get list of menu names ? Suppose im creating an app and want to fetch list of navigation items names for sidebar of my app. How can I get only names of resources ?

Please make another video for endpoints. Specially for Image and other TVs and Snippets.

Thank you!

i’ll try to answer your questions when I circle back and create the react blog manager page your requested. my knowledge is pretty limited though :wink:

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:slight_smile:. Waiting with high hopes…
Any timeline?? When will you create new video??

I usually only get an hour or two free at the weekend to do the videos. I need to quickly finish off the tensorflow one and then either continue with the Fred series or do this one… in short im not sure but probably a few weeks off yet

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Ok will wait.
but if you can help here about how to get only specific number of resources then it will be very good for me.
I just played with your code from an old post from Facebook group and learned what I wanted to learn. Just dont know how to get only few resources.
I want pagination in json call …
Like wordpress do this way -

Any API response which contains multiple resources supports several common query parameters to handle paging through the response data:

?page=: specify the page of results to return.
    For example, /wp/v2/posts?page=2 is the second page of posts results
    By retrieving /wp/v2/posts, then /wp/v2/posts?page=2, and so on, you may access every available post through the API, one page at a time.
?per_page=: specify the number of records to return in one request, specified as an integer from 1 to 100.
    For example, /wp/v2/posts?per_page=1 will return only the first post in the collection
?offset=: specify an arbitrary offset at which to start retrieving posts
    For example, /wp/v2/posts?offset=6 will use the default number of posts per page, but start at the 6th post in the collection
    ?per_page=5&page=4 is equivalent to ?per_page=5&offset=15

I want something like this. Pagination.

You’ll need to do that with PHP within the endpoint.

Or you could even use getPage or pdoPage within a $modx->runSnippet() in the endpoint then just exit with the results e.g.

header('Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8');
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I am not getting it … Can you help me with my code ?
Here is my full code -

class MyControllerResources extends modRestController {
   public $classKey = 'modResource';
  // public $defaultSortField = 'sortorder';
   public $defaultSortDirection = 'ASC';
  // ['tvvalue'] = $object->getTVValue('tvname');
   public $defaultSortField = 'id';
  // public $defaultSortDirection = 'DESC';
  public function prepareListObject(xPDOObject $object) {
         $data = array();

               $data['pagetitle'] = $object->pagetitle;
               $data['content'] = $object->content;
               $data['introtext'] = $object->introtext;
               $data['longtitle'] = $object->longtitle;
               $data['description'] = $object->description;
               $data['featuredimage'] = $object->getTVValue('myimagetv');
               $data['kitnelog'] = $object->getTVValue('mysimpletexttv');
         return $data;

             public function read($id) {
               if (empty($id)) {
                   return $this->failure($this->modx->lexicon('rest.err_field_ns',array(
                       'field' => $this->primaryKeyField,
            // @var xPDOObject $object 
               $c = $this->getPrimaryKeyCriteria($id);
               $this->object = $this->modx->getObject($this->classKey,$c);
               if (empty($this->object)) {
                   return $this->failure($this->modx->lexicon('rest.err_obj_nf',array(
                       'class_key' => $this->classKey,
               $objectArray = $this->object->toArray();
               $objectArray += array(
                   'featuredimage' => $this->object->getTVValue('myimagetv'),
                   'kitnelog' => $this->object->getTVValue('mysimpletexttv')
                  // $objectArray['introtext'],
               $afterRead = $this->afterRead($objectArray);
               if ($afterRead !== true && $afterRead !== null) {
                   return $this->failure($afterRead === false ? $this->errorMessage : $afterRead);
               return $this->success('',$objectArray);

Probably better if you create a new topic for your issue rather than posting here, @mayanktaker.

Sure thing. I wan about to create a new topic but then I thought about SEO and I thought that when someone read this topic, they will get more help with questions and answers about REST api here instead of searching again and again for same thing.
But I respect your suggestion and going to create a new topic for this. :slight_smile:

Hi all, i was wondering if its possible to restore the tutorial that is in this page back to public. I saw it live just the other day and watched it half way through and was looking to get back to it again. As restful API tutorials seem to be pretty scarce with modx along with REACT being a good Front end framework i think it would be good that we don’t lose the valuable video.

Many thanks

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It looks like it’s been made public again @nadakbar :wink:

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