Modx On A LEMP stack


I cannot get Modx to install properly

Step to reproduce

I have created a core/config/ file , to no avail

Observed behavior

{server-ip}/setup → “could not load modx config file”
{server-ip}/setup/index.php —> installation page, but when I press on the language setup, it is back to
{server-ip}/setup/? + “could not load modx config file”

With it is similar behaviour except now an HTTP ERROR 500

Environment (Local Server)

Nginx, Maria, php-fpm

Which version are you trying to install.
Did you download it from here?
Download MODX | Open Source Content Management System

Usually the is created by the setup script.

Hi Bruno,

Yes, it was sourced direct:

On a LEMP stack, I don’t know, if there is anything different.
I’m on Windows and use Laragon for local development.

Maybe try to unzip again and run a fresh setup.
If you still have issues, tell us all your steps and everything about your environment.

When you created a, is file attributes (grp and owner) properly set for web access?

The file, and the three config.core.php files should be handled automatically when you you run setup.

I’m guessing Nginx is the main issue.

Check this out. And the two links in the second sentence there.