MODX News Feed - neglected?

The MODX News Feed on the Manager dashboard seems to me to be a bit underused.

Currently, the latest headline is from 14th Jan 2019 - the MODX Amsterdam Meetup announcement.

There’s been loads of news since then [indeed, much of it announced in Amsterdam], not least the launch of the new website and this great new Community Forum. But not a peep on the newsfeed!

I think this is a missed opportunity on two counts.

Firstly, a slow news feed reflects badly on MODX as a project. Keeping the feed fresh is an easy and cheap way to assure users that MODX is alive & kicking, vibrant and dynamic.

Secondly, it’s a great way to entice users to engage with the community - and we all know how important that is.

Almost every MODX user will see the News Feed pop up several times a day and at the moment we all just glance past it because we know it’s content is static.

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Have you seen the Blog (

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Hey - ta for the reply - I have - and that’s kind of my point - there’s all this good news going on and yet the MODX Manager News Feed doesn’t feature any of it.

It’s usually core specific news we put in that feed, so as not to annoy people. We’d be happy to add some ham though!

Thanks Mat - I guess there might be an element of personal taste there for each user.

I’d personally love to see some ham!

Run wee a poll to gauge opinion?

How about a setting to subscribe to different types of news? I’m thinking of a checkbox where you can check whether you want core, dev, meetup or whatever else there is -news. This way everybody could tweak their feed how they like without getting annoyed.