Modx new website

Loving the look of the new website! Clean and to the point. I do however have one issue with the first image slider… Why have you got PHP mixed in with HTML in the image?

What about this?
Modx new website Persona developer

or better yet –

Modx new website Persona developer


Hi @inside-creative, thanks for your kind words. We think you’re right.

We already lay the foundation for the concept in the first image, so we’ll revisit the illustration to make it both more accurate with the MODX tags and a more concrete example of their use.

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If I may add some feedback to this as well, I honestly didn’t even realize that said section is a slider in the first place. That being said I find it very hard to read the code due to its size, so I doubt new visitors will even bother with it.

I really like the idea to show the different levels of operating a MODX site though, but maybe it has to be presented in like a more broken down but visually bigger way, so it’s easier to notice.

Just my thoughts though, and I definitely agree: the new design is really good! :slight_smile:

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@vibedesign thanks for your feedback. The slider really isn’t critical, and we do understand about the sizing. The image is meant to provide an initial glimpse into what sets MODX apart and a little about how it works. We’ll definitely consider ways we can better show off the basics without overwhelming people on first visit.

I do think breaking down how things work makes more sense in a getting started guide.

Thanks for your kind words. We worked really hard to focus more on the unique and positive qualities we all take for granted in MODX Revolution.

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Just noticed the new site design, love it! Clean and fresh.
This will be a great confidence boost for some of my more sceptical clients, you know the sort :slight_smile:

Well done all :+1:

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Thanks @bobwal that was the aim: to better express the tool and our hosting in a more professional and easy to understand manner.